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Introducing the Cyclops Wireless Tool Box Alarm


Be sure to take a look at our newest security item, the Cyclops Wireless Tool Box Alarm.

This is a simple, easy to install answer for tool box break-ins.

With it's ear piercing 115 DB rated siren, you will be quickly alerted to any tampering with your tool box or tools.

The Cyclops will work equally well on any item you place it in or on. When armed, it finds level the any attempt to move or raise the alarm will set it off. Engine, covers, gym bags, tool boxes, cellar doors, tonneau covers, trunk lids, boat seats, almost anything can now be secured with the Cyclops Wireless Alarm.

We are offering the Cyclops Alarm at an introductory price of just $69.95 and just for the next 60 days. Get yours now before somebody steal your stuff!